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Handcrafted Race Ready Digital Tire Warmers. No Fade Carbon Wire Technology heats up 25% faster than less efficient copper wire warmers at only 750-800 watts. Heat Reflecting Thermal Liner disperses heat evenly and keeps heat inside to the rim. *Unlike other tire warmers which use soft copper wiring which becomes brittle when hot and quickly deteriorates, MOTO-D Racing PRO-Series Warmers use Carbon Wiring which can be twisted or crushed without failure. Zippered EVA Carry Case Included.


-Digital: Backlit Rear Mounted Slim Line LCD Digital Controller. Independently adjust front and rear tires from 100'F (40'C) - 200'F (99'C)+. Ten (10) Heating Speeds to match all tire compounds. Available in 120 front and 180-200 rear size.

-Dual Temp: Level I / Warm – (maintain) at 60C / 140F. Level II / High – (heat soak) at 85C / 185F. Available in 120 front and 120, 160 or 180-200 rear sizes. 

-Single Temp: Hot Setting is 85C / 185F. Available in 120 front and 180-200 rear size.


- 2-Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace, if they fail because YOU left them on and accidently burnt them out (user negligence), we replace them (once).

 -Pricing includes both front and rear tire warmers

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