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Woodcraft "Klucky" Knee Pucks

Woodcraft Technologies Knee sliders pucks

Klucky Pucks are the choice of Woodcraft staff members and hundreds of top racers. The pucks are made of a proprietary plastic that is extremely durable yet still provides the feel racers are looking for.

Normal Pucks - The pucks are set on a thick leather backing and utilize super-strong double loop Velcro that ensures that they will never get pulled off while riding.

Double Thick Pucks - These pucks are rain/endurance pucks. They are double the thickness to provide unmatched feel in wet conditions. The extra thickness of the puck material allows riders to get a knee down with significantly less lean angle. These pucks are also a great choice for endurance racers or riders who compete on extremely abrasive racetracks.

Recently ranked #1 by Roadracing World among 19 pucks tested.



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