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Woodcraft Gen III Tire Warmers

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Our Gen III Dual Temps warmers feature many upgrades over our popular Dual Temp tire warmers that were released in 2008. Woodcraft went back to the drawing board completely redesigning many of the components. Still made in the US!!


NEW Features

Polartec® Wind Pro®- A new revolution in thermal fabrics. The tight knit construction blocks 95% of the heat robbing wind.

New Thermostats - New thermostats hold tighter temperature ranges and are more durable than ever, guaranteeing a perfect heat cycle every time.

New Construction- Warmers are double stitched with a tough nomex thread ensuring they look good and will last through years of abuse.


Key Features:

Even Heat Distribution - The small gap heating element leaves smaller spaces between the coils, ensuring the whole tire is heated evenly, virtually eliminating cold spots.

Great Insulation - The special insulation is extremely efficient allowing us to keep the warmer construction thin while still providing great performance. You will love how easy the low profile design makes installation and removal of the warmers.

Side Curtains - Our fleece side curtains eliminate the #1 cause of heat loss by protecting the tires from side winds. In many cases we have seen up to a 15 degree increase in rim temperature compared to warmers without them.

Easy to install / remove - A large one piece velcro strap secures the warmer to the tire without hooks or cords getting in the way.

Durable - We used only the best components and subjected all internal connections to rigorous tension tests to be sure these warmers are built to last.

LED Indicator Light - Pick your tire temp with the flick of a switch the display 'on' light is red and turns to green when the tire is at temperature.


Voltage: All Woodcraft tire warmers are designed to run off a 120V power source. Generator users will need 1000 watts minimum to run a set.


Free duffel bag with every set!


$ 374.80